The best solutions

To us, growth means anticipating the needs of the market, interacting with customers and creating the best working conditions while researching into new technical solutions. This is why in our factory we have only state-of-the-art machinery (Bentronic and Karl Mayer for production, Uster for knotting).

The latest addition, the new Karl Mayer Multimatic MM 128 / 3.600 warping machine can process 128 yarns and has working width of 3,600 mm for double-height fabrics.

This larger format makes it possible to extend the fields of application, producing samples and warps also used in the production of high-end upholstery and soft furnishings.

Producing fabrics for the high-end market means :

  • the possibility of producing a wide range of designs
  • the processing of an extended range of colours and yarns
  • a high level of productivity
  • the production of warp beams of the highest quality.


We are proud we have contributed to prototyping and testing for a new sizing machine, which is currently in production, in collaboration with Karl Mayer Rotal.

The machine, providing greater uniformity of size application and producing less dust, allows us to increase weaving efficiency. The machine integrates a patented vertical sizing system, in which the process reaches the highest quality and effectiveness using the minimum quantity of size, making the subsequent desizing easier and less energy-consuming.

We also take care of the selection of products, which are ecological and allow us to minimize the environmental impact. We operate in accordance with Regulation (EC) n. 1907/2006 relating to chemical substances (REACH) and we can work with the most selective sustainability- committed companies.