A passion that runs in the family

Orditura Crotti was founded almost 50 years ago by Maria Gabriella Crotti in Pray, in the textile district of Biella, specialising in weaving preparatory services - warping, sizing and tying-in.

Today we work with leading companies in the high-end textile and clothing sector that promote globally the value of 'made in Italy’ quality.

The company has grown fueled by the passion and commitment of Maria Gabriella’s daughter and son, Maricla and Nico. Our growth leverages also the progressive introduction of state-of-the-art machinery and a constant investment in the research into innovative solutions to develop new articles in the most valuable and challenging fibers.

We can warp and size the finest yarns, such as 1 /120 wool or 1 / 80 pure cashmere, used to weave fabrics and accessories for the fashion luxury.

In 2018 we moved to Valdilana, Frazione Ponzone, to best meet the growing needs of our customers, and now our footprint is of approximately 4,000 square meters.