Our services

Our services are sectional warping, sample warping, tying-in and sizing, for the production of fabrics for different fields of application - clothing, accessories, furniture and interior design.

We have an extensive experience in the field, so we can also offer our customers support and advice when looking for the best solutions to obtain the desired results from their materials.

The way we are organized and the use of performing machinery allow us to carry out the assigned work in less than 5 working days after we receive the specifications and materials.

We can also offer storage and warehouse services at our premises and we can also carry out transportation by equipped truck.


Sectional warping, samples

We perform sectional and sample warping using yarns made of the finest fibers such as cashmere and vicuña for the luxury sector, synthetic yarns such as nylon, polyester, kevlar for technical fabrics, and also more commercial fibers (wool, cotton , linen), with extremely high titles, single. The machines are combined with electronic magazine creels.

The automatic controls of the machines and the experience of our employees guarantee defect-free processing, so as to ensure the best performance for the looms.

With the installation of the Karl Mayer MM 128 / 3.600 machine we have increased our capacity: we can process 128 yarns working from 1 to 128 bobbins, with heights up to 3600 mm for double height fabrics. The benefits for customers are:

  • Quick execution of the work
  • Productivity with a low number of packages
  • Yarn optimization and waste reduction.


Sizing holds a relevant role in ensuring the yarn performance in weaving, and it is critical especially in the processing of the finest and shortest fibers.

We perform the sizing of the warp chains with a machine developed and  built in collaboration with Karl Mayer Rotal. The innovations made, in particular with regard to the patented system for applying the size (presented at ITMA 2016) allow us to weave yarns which can be considered ‘extreme’ for value and difficulty.

Our experience allows us to select the most suitable recipes for each type of yarn  to be treated and fabric to be obtained, using only eco-compatible products, soluble at 20°.

We are a responsible company and we operate in accordance with Regulation (EC) n. 1907/2006, concerning the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances (REACH) and we successfully pass the strictest controls that the suppliers of companies more committed to sustainability are subjected to.



Your point of reference

We have an extensive experience in warping and sizing, and we can offer customers our support and advice on the best solutions to achieve their goals.

The path to achieve a result that fully meets or even exceeds the expectations is not always easy. We do research into materials and how to treat them, we share our know-how and we carry out tests and small-scale samples

We dealt with the processing of a very high quality 1/90 nm yarn in pure cashmere with a consultative approach. It gave such satisfactory results in the test phase that has been moved into production without effort.